10 Things To Know When Traveling With Your Dog

Don’t want to leave your pup at home? These days it is so easy to find dog-friendly lodging and activities, it’s silly not to! Make sure to check out our Getaway Guides (all dog-friendly things to do in cities). I’ve traveled so many times with my frenchies that they should have their own ready-to-go suitcase by now. Here are 10 tips to make your travels safe and smooth.

1. I always pack a couple Benebones for the pups to chew on when traveling. It gives them an activity to do when they’re bored, relieves anxiety and it’s something from home.

2. Stay organized. Always a good idea to pack a small pouch (WTFrenchie Spirit Animal Bag) with dog treats, extra poo bags and a lint roller (frenchies are shedders).

3. Don’t forget your pup’s favorite blanket! It’ll smell like home and keep ’em comfy in the car and hotel.

4. Bring doggie cleaning wipes and/or washcloths for wiping dirty paws or for accidents.

5. Pack the dog food in a resealable bag and forego the bowls. Every dog-friendly hotel these days offer dog bowls or you can always call for an extra bowl or cup so there’s no need to pack them.

6. Find a dog-friendly hotel and do your research. With more and more hotels welcoming dogs, it’s a relief to find a list of amenities for your dog(s). Ask what amenities are available for your pup, ask for a dog bed, bowls and if they have pet fees. Check out own Hotel Guides here.

7. If you’re flying, make sure to go to your vet and get a health certificate about a week before you fly. This certificate just says that your pet is up to date on shots and is healthy to travel. It will take less than 10 minutes at the vet and they usually charge $50-80 (however much the vet charges for an office visit).

8. Another thing if you’re flying… do call the airline when you book your ticket to get a ticket for your dog (usually $125 each way). They only allow a limited number of dogs on board.

9. A calming lavendar essential oil spray is nice to relieve stress and travel anxiety for you and your pup.

10. Motion sickness can happen. It hits me at times (especially if I’m on water!) and if it happens to your pup (you can usually tell that they’re nauseous if they start drooling a bit), ginger pills work like a charm. I always have some on hand when I travel. You can safely give your pooch a pinch of ginger powder or 1/2 – 1 capsule.


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